the BOB show

the BOB show 

- episode 14-


10-8-11 (interview)

11-3-11 (intro)


bob dobbs & youngblood holden (


ari shaffir 

(part two of a two part interview with ari shaffir)

standup comedian

los Angeles, CA!/AriShaffir

podcast:  the skeptic tank


the effects of the electric environment on people, the effect of seeing one's self on tee-vee, the importance of the tee-vee landscape, ridiculousness of the situation in which you are living, comedian pete holmes, the desire of wanting information instantly, not needing to remember in the 1970s, the weird space we are in:  a shared nowhere space, where did all the money go?, the effects of RNA drops, the joy of being around iON, iON meddling with, Lazarus project:  bob and iON are bringing people back from the dead, youngblood is sick and bob tells him to:  feel good that you're feeling bad, because that means your body is changing.

description of the BOB show :

Good news y'all:  the prophecies of BOB are true and the REAL Bob Dobbs LIVES!! Rest easier my friends, BOB has a podcast!  Listen to the BOB show, with hosts:  Bob Dobbs and Youngblood Holden, for THE latest NEWS on the NOW and all that IS, will be and ever WAS ...

BOB:  (bob and dr. dean [his wife] appear on this Net radio show every Wed.)

YOUNGBLOOD: (audio of all standup performances) (video of select standup shows) Fan page of Alex and Youngblood Holden-

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