the BOB show

-the BOB show-

episode 25



feb 9, 2013






bob dobbs


youngblood holden



james kidnie (actor)



existential acting, bob and james' relationship back in toronto in the 80s, james' thoughts on acting, actors and existential acting, thought poems, why france likes mimes, james and the famous actors he knows, theater of the absurd, the jist of words, top existential films, comedian joe zimmerman makes a cameo, we are all like snakes swiming in water in our current electrical/digital condition, british are visually numb so there food is lousy,  i know it like the (blank) of my hand and what this says about a society, noycs and the intergrated chip, cosmic awareness, the cobwebs of rhyee, the apex of polarity, gutting of the city vibe, words and mortar, RNA drops



description of the BOB show :


Good news y'all:  the prophecies of BOB are true and the REAL Bob Dobbs LIVES!! Rest easier my friends, BOB has a podcast!  Listen to the BOB show, with hosts:  Bob Dobbs and Youngblood Holden, for THE latest NEWS on the NOW and all that IS, will be and ever WAS ...


BOB:  (bob and dr. dean [his wife] appear on this Net radio show every Wed.)


YOUNGBLOOD: (audio of all standup performances) (video of select standup shows, private for now, contact youngblood for access) Fan page of Alex and Youngblood Holden-


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